Glass Bottles

Super flint clear Whisky, Vodka, Rum & Gin Glass Bottles

Volume Available: 180ml, 375ml, 750ml, 1000ml.


Aluminum caps in all different size with best quality DOP Printing

Size : 25mm, 28mm, 31.5mm, 30/44mm, 31.5/50mm, 31.5/55mm, 30/60mm.


Aluminum Caps With Plastic

Pourer Size: 30/44mm, 31.5/44 mm, 31.5/50mm, 30/60mm.

Plastic Closure Caps

  • Nip cap all colors with Brand Printing. 
  • 47 mm two pc and five pcs with Brand Printing
  • 59 mm two pc and five pcs with Brand Printing

Cork & T Cork

Elevate your bottling experience with our premium wooden corks. Perfect for wine, spirits, and craft beverages, our wooden corks provide a traditional, rustic charm that complements the finest of brews. Made from high-quality wood, they ensure a secure seal that preserves the flavor and quality of your beverages.

Size: All size with top printing.

PVC Heat Shrink Capsules

Protect and Enhance Your Products with PVC Heat Shrink Capsules!

Size: All size with top embossed and side printing.

Beverages Cans

Beverages and Beer sleek and standard can

Size: 250ml, 330 ml, 500ml with and without side printing.

Design: Sleek & Standard.


Premium Quality glossy embossed self-adhesive multicolor labels

Mono Cartons

Premium Quality glossy embossed multicolor mono and Gift Boxes.