Doune International Private Limited (DIPL) is one of the leading merchant exporters and manufacturing companies of verities of products, packaging materials and other raw materials for the FMCG & Beverages industries, spread over several continents. Catering the following listed items.

Packaging Material: Glass Bottles, Premium labels, sleeves, wine cork, ROPP aluminium Caps, composite caps with pourers, plastic closure caps, mono cartons & Metal cans and aluminium cans Packaging needs for the Food and Beverage industry.

FMCG Products: We offer Premium quality Herbal Tea, coffee,kahawa, saffron etc.

Premium Quality Drinking Water: We offer premium quality packed drinking water like still water, sparkling and mixing water.

Enzymes & chemicals: We offer a wide range of Enzymes and chemicals used in Brewery, distilleries and winery.

Hops & Malt: We offer a range of European Hops and malt for our customers around the world.

Flavours and caramels: Our expert team panel deals in different types of food flavours, food colours and caramel as used in different industries. We offer Indian-origin as well as European-origin food flavours.

Agro Products – We offer Indian-origin Agro products such as wheat, rice, sugar, spices and herbal medicinal plants and extracts.

Paint & varnish:  We offer different varieties of paints and varnish.

Wooden Boards & Laminates: We offer premium quality wooden boards and laminates for interior and furnishing work.

Aluminium Foil & Butter Paper: Get our premium aluminium foil today and experience the difference. Order now and keep your food fresher for longer!

Leather Goods: We offer leather rugs, wallets, belts, cushions and bags.

Tiles & Sanitaryware: Our tiles offer the perfect blend of style and durability. Choose from a wide range of designs, colours, and finishes to create the space of your dreams.

Doune International Private Limited  (DIPL) The Company swiftly dominated the different kind of  products and raw materials with its very competitive priced and quality products. Today, with resourceful avenues of global sourcing, DIPL has an extensive range of quality products and raw materials products to offer.

The company is spearheaded by an industry expert team, which has the right expertise and experience to service its customers in every part of the world. Thus the team has also successfully introduced several innovative products to the world.

With clients spread over Middle East ,Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and South America, DIPL has developed a good reputation for dependability, quality and the range of products that it offers, and for its service excellence.

Our Mission

To partner with the world’s best; so that above vision can be achieved through providing superior products at competitive costs to our customers; Develop new markets and products and expand business in best quality products , Industrial Raw Materials, Commodities and Engineering Equipment and Projects.

Our Vision

At Doune International Private Limited., our vision is to provide best quality products and raw materials to our customers. Be a successful Indian International trading and manufacturing company, lean, flexible and capable of providing total integrated services to the customers in the changing environment.

Core Values

Our aim to continuously expand our operations and become a preferred supplier for most food & beverage companies in India and abroad. It is hoped that our clients will be able to source high quality products, raw materials and packaging materials for their needs.

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